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Schefflera | Dwarf Umbrella Plant | Plant Care

Schefflera | Dwarf Umbrella Plant | Plant Care

Schefflera ‘Dwarf Umbrella Plant’  

Latin Schefflera Arboricola


Your Schefflera prefers bright indirect light but can tolerate lower light conditions as well. As it grows it leans towards the light. Rotate your plant a half-turn once a month to keep it looking full and even.


Water your Schefflera thoroughly when the top 75% of soil is dry. Allow the water to run out of the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot, discarding any water that flows into the saucer. Your Schefflera is a very hardy plant and doesn’t mind if you occasionally wait too long between watering.

Additional Information 

Native to Australia, as well as New Guinea, Schefflera is a lively and lush houseplant that features leaves that form a pattern that looks like an umbrella. This gives it its common name ‘Umbrella Tree’. It makes for a great houseplant as it is very tolerant of indoor conditions, growing to 6 feet tall indoors given the right conditions.

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