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Your Paradise Delivered

We’re here to assist aspiring plant parents, like yourself, in reaching their plant paradise goals!

Go Go Tropi Co!

What makes Tropi Co great? It's our...

  • Ability to grow your favourite houseplant additions
  • Trusted partners for the plants we don’t grow
  • Teams that design beautiful arrangements in-house
  • Ability to bring you unique products from around the world
  • Focus on sustainable growing and operations
  • Focus on eco-friendly and quality packaging


From our 100% eco-friendly packaging to our greenhouse production initiatives.

Grow & Give Program

A portion of every purchase gives back to a great cause.

Tropi Co Story

We’re proud to be the newest member of a family business growing for 70 years!

Ime for 100% Recyclable section. Tropi Co Logo with tagline 'Your Paradise Delivered' in the centre, with two large palm leaves coming from both the top in bottom in blue and pink.


100% Recyclable

Fully recyclable or compostable materials.

What can you expect when you receive our packages?

We’ve made sure each part of your packaging is eco-friendly, even during the winter months.

We are constantly evolving and aspiring to meet the needs of the environment and of our consumers. We appreciate your support!

Paper Based

Kraft & Cardboard based for easy recycling

Sturdy Reusable Boxes

For when you need to send back a product or give your plant as a gift

Eco-Friendly Elements

From kraft water-activated tape to compostable plant coverings


Our winter packaging continues our eco-friendly initiative 


​From package to growth, sustainability is part of our thought process.

We understand the significance​ one's carbon footprint has on the planet. This is why we feel that we are moving in the right direction with our new all-green initiative. All materials required to make and package this product are either natural, sustainably sourced, recyclable or all of the above.

 So, what are some ways we achieve our sustainability goals?

Tropi Co sustainability section image. Close up of a small cement pot with a single succulent planted inside.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

All our shipment packages are 100% eco-friendly, either recyclable or compostable.

Water Recycling & Conservation

Our greenhouses make sure water and fertilizer are not wasted, including rainwater.

All Natural

We use biopesticides: living organisms for insect, weed, & plant disease control.


We utilize in-house composting for expired plants and natural products.


We have implemented a green recycling program for paper, cardboard, and plastics.


Our facility changes its heating, cooling & lighting in response to outdoor conditions.


Part Of The
Hendriks Family

70  Years & Growing

North America's leading supplier of indoor gardens.

We specialize in beautiful houseplants, planted arrangements and seasonal pots to add life to your home.

Our Story

Grow & Giving Back

Tropi Co. & our Hendriks family are
proud supporters of Wells of Hope.

Wells of Hope is committed to responding to the cry of the poor and to help them attain for themselves, the basic necessities of clean water, education, and basic healthcare.

When you buy from Tropi Co. a portion of or your proceeds will benefit Wells of Hope and their ongoing projects.

How We Give Back