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Rhoeo | Boatlily, Moses-in-the-cradle | Plant Care

Rhoeo | Boatlily, Moses-in-the-cradle | Plant Care

Rhoeo ‘Boatlily, Moses-in-the-cradle’

Latin: Tradescantia spathacea

Light: Your Rhoeo will do great in bright indirect light to bright light. It can handle direct sunlight for a few hours each day. It will not tolerate lower light well but can adapt to medium light.

Water: Your Rhoeo likes to dry out completely between watering. When you water, water thoroughly until water comes out of the drainage hole, then remove any excess water.

Additional Information 

Rhoeo is a beautiful, low-maintenance plant that features brightly coloured leaves arranged in a rosette shape. Leaves are green with purple, pink, and white striping. Colouring will become more vibrant when exposed to very bright light. Rhoeo is native to Southern Mexico and Central America and enjoys bright and warm conditions. It grows upward rather than trailing, which is unique for plants in this family. This plant will be a colourful and easy-care addition to any space!

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