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Organic Pet Grass | Plant Care

Organic Pet Grass | Plant Care

Organic Pet Grass 

Light: Your Pet Grass can be grown inside or outside in most locations. Be sure to place in a sunny place with 6 or more hours of light. 

Water: Water your Pet Grass through letting was run out the bottom, then each week check if the top 1 to 2 inches are dry before watering again. 

Additional Information 

Pet Grass isn’t like normal grass, it contains several nutrients that your pets will never get from outdoor grasses. Your potted pet grass is a special combination of oats, barley, and wheat. Outdoor grass tastes completely different than Freemans Organic Pet Grass! 

The other MAJOR factor that differentiates between the grasses is that Freemans Organic Pet Grass is exactly that CERTIFIED ORGANIC - meaning no harmful sprays, pesticides, or chemicals, unlike the grass we find outside! 

Benefits of Pet Grass

  • Provides essential vitamins and folic acids.

  • Aids in digestion by increasing roughage.

  • Assists in removing hairballs.

  • Deters cats from eating your houseplants.

  • Satisfies your cats’ natural craving for grass.

  • Chlorophyll helps freshen breath.

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