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Prayer Plant | Marantas | Plant Care

Prayer Plant | Marantas | Plant Care

Marantas ‘Prayer Plant’

Light: Your Marantas will do best in filtered, indirect light as a plant native to forest floors underneath a canopy of trees. 

Water: Your Marantas is one thirsty plant and does best when watered regularly. The most important rule of thumb is to never let the soil dry out. 

Additional Information  

You may notice the leaves of your Marantas move throughout the day, often folding upwards at night and opening wider in the morning. These movements are known as nyctinasty and are thought to follow the sun's movement in the sky in an attempt to maximize light absorbency in the wild.

Marantas are highly sensitive to chilly temperatures and grow best when kept in a warm, humid environment. As long as you take care to mimic the balmy temps, moisture-packed air, and shady environment calathea love, they can thrive in nearly any household.

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