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Golden Pothos | Devils Ivy | Plant Care

Golden Pothos | Devils Ivy | Plant Care

Golden Pothos “Devils Ivy”

Latin: Epipremnum aureum

Light: Your Pothos prefers bright, indirect light. Variegated plants sometimes lose their leaf pattern if they don't get enough light and suddenly paler-looking leaves mean too much sun.

Water: Pothos like to have their soil dry out completely between watering. Black spots on the leaves (or the sudden collapse of the plant) indicate that the soil has been kept too wet.

Additional Information

Native to Southeast Asia. It has the reputation of being one of the easiest houseplants to take care of.

According to NASA studies your pothos is great for removing toxins from the air such as Benzene, Tricholoroethylene and Formaldehyde. Other studies have shown it to be great for indoor carbon dioxide reductions. Consider putting this plant in your bedroom to ensure enough oxygen while sleeping.

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