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Philodendron | Plant Care

Philodendron | Plant Care


Light: Philodendrons typically grow best in partial sunlight, naturally receiving dappled light under a tropical canopy. Too much light can cause many of the leaves to turn yellow. Only a few leaves yellowing is typically just normal aging.

Water: Your Philodendron will like a moderate amount of soil moisture. Water whenever the top inch of soil has dried out.

Additional Information 

Native to Central America and South America your Philodendron has other benefits besides just making your home look desirable. According to NASA studies on air quality, Philodendrons are among the best houseplants for removing formaldehyde from the air, especially at higher concentrations.

Philodendron leaves and stems are high in calcium oxalate. This can be toxic to both people and animals when eaten. Seek immediate medical help if you suspect poisoning.

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