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Ficus Elastica | Plant Care

Ficus Elastica | Plant Care

Ficus Elastica

Light: Your Ficus thrives in medium to bright indirect light and can tolerate soft morning direct light. Plants that do not receive sufficient light will lose their lower leaves, and vibrant leaf colour.

Water: Water your Ficus every 1-2 weeks, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. Remember to increase the frequency of watering when the location has increased light.

Additional Information 

Your Ficus elastica is an evergreen tropical tree native to southern China, Southeast Asia, and Indonesia. Belonging to the fig family, Moraceae, it was used for its latex sap to make rubber before synthetics were made available. 

Fun Fact:

Members of this family exhibit foliar polymorphisms, meaning that their leaf shapes will be different for different stages of life. This is a fairly odd characteristic, as most other plants make the same leaf shapes throughout their lives.

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