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Tropico Reviews

Based on 251 reviews
Livraison parfaite

J’habite en région éloignée et j’ai reçu mes plantes en parfait état
Je suis tres contente du service


Came fast and in a safe package that kept them warm :) happy with my new babies and they are doing well also love the identification tags with the info to keep them thriving !

Thank you!

Philodendron Ecuador | Verrucosum
Joanne O. (North Bay, ON, CA)
Philodendron Verrucosum


Aloe Vera | Barbadensis
Kaitlyn M. (Hamilton, ON, CA)
Amazing quality and service

I was very impressed with my order from Tropico. O ordered several plants. They were shipped and delivered within a day. All plants were well packaged individually and insulated. The heat pack was still warm after 3 days when I tossed the pack out. No plants were harmed or damaged. Now they are training and growing well in my home. I will defiantly order more plants in the future

Low-Light Bundle

The package arrived in perfect condition with very healthy plants.I was amazed how well they were taken care off and about the heat pad that was in the box to keep the plants warm in a very cold winter day. You cannot but notice how these plants are loved and care for. I strongly recommend this shop and I will certainly shop again.

Gold Favours Succulent Collection | XS | 2.5 Inch
Betsy R. (Philadelphia, PA, US)
Gold Favours Succulent Collection - awesome!

These little succulents in their gold accented pots are super sweet. I love them and they make a great addition to my plant collection. Really like all the different succulent varieties included in the order, and they are petite so I have tucked them into several different spots around the house. Five stars for sure!!

Hoya Silver Splash 'Wax Plant' | Pubicalyx
Chelsey C. (Schreiber, ON, CA)
Great Customer Service

Two out of three of my plants arrived in great condition (Hoya Silver Splash and Heart Leaf Philo), one suffered cold damage (Philo Minima), however, customer service was quick to help and I received a full refund for that plant! I have been recommending Tropico to a number of friends. I have purchased from here twice now and have been extremely happy with the quality of the plants, shipping packaging, and customer service.

Alocasia 'Dragon Scale' | M | Baginda
Mary H. (Sunderland, ON, CA)

Was expecting a nice plant but was pleasantly surprised with a stunningly textured, dark leaved darling. Can't wait to see it grow into an awesome showpiece.

Musa Dwarf Banana Tree
RH (Brampton, ON, CA)

Beautiful looking plant. Arrived on time and intact.

Wide collection, beautiful plants and great service

The title says it all!
The plants were delivered to me in great condition with great customer service, regular updates on the status of the order and quick response time. Wide collection of pet friendly plants in the bundle [and now I am likely to get all of them from Tropi Co :)].
Thank you Tropi Co. You have a happy and loyal green customer now!

Ficus Tineke | Elastica
Blaire N. (Oshawa, ON, CA)
Shipped Safely and Is Beautiful

I love it so much. Tropicco is my favourite place to buy plants online.

Aglaonema 'Chinese Evergreen' | Maria Christina
Kaitlin (Carleton Place, ON, CA)
Beautiful Plant

Beautiful plant, only thing is I had to repot it quickly as the soil was very wet when I received it and the leaves were starting to get yellow marks.

Fern 'Fluffy Ruffle' | Nephrolepis exaltata
Lindsay M. (Whitby, ON, CA)
So cute!

My planta from TropiCo always arrive safely, quickly, and in such great health. Legit the best online plant store I’ve ever purchased from and I’ve purchased from many!! The customer service here is amazing.
My fluffy ruffle is adorable, arrived so happy, and is settling in. I just love him.

Philodendron Campii 'Lynette'
Lucy (Toronto, ON, CA)
Philodendron Campii 'Lynette

This plant is stunning so healthy and big!
it really is a statement plant Iove it!

Philodendron Ecuador | Verrucosum
Heidy W. (Ottawa, ON, CA)
All the plants were fantastic

I got 6 plants a couple weeks ago. All came in fantastic shape and are all doing wonderfully.

Alocasia 'Dragon Scale' | M | Baginda
Maïna A. (Montreal, QC, CA)

Alocasia 'Dragon Scale' | M | Baginda

Air Purifying Bundle | Growers Choice
Karim A. (Toronto, ON, CA)

A housewarming gift that was loved by the couple who received it

Philodendron 'Birkin' | S | 4 Inch
Melody D. (Richmond, QC, CA)

En bonne état merci pour le bon service après vente, je suis satisfaite! Melody.


Super de bon service, livraison ultra rapide et très beau produit!! Je recommande ☺️

Low-Light Bundle | 6 Pack | Growers Choice
Customer (Greater Sudbury, ON, CA)
6 Pack low light Bundle

Everything arrived in excellent shape. Package very well and plants are very healthy. I'm very happy with my order.

Alocasia 'Red Secret' | S | Cuprea
Charlotte D. (Ste. Anne de la Pocatière, QC, CA)

Thanks for replacing the one that arrived rotten! It’s beautiful 😍

Musa Dwarf Banana Tree
Fabien L. (Ottawa, ON, CA)

Musa Dwarf Banana Tree

Jade Plant | Crassula Ovata | S | 4 Inch
Blaire N. (Oshawa, ON, CA)
Beautiful and full

Every plant I get from Tropico is full and healthy. Also they're packed beautifully!
I love this site. I will always be a customer.

This picture was taken after a few weeks Nd it was thin/thirsty.

Musa Dwarf Banana Tree
Ann L. (Toronto, ON, CA)

Musa Dwarf Banana Tree

Very Healthy Plants

Amazing quality! I ordered 3 plants and they arrived the next day after shipping. Plants were packed well with heat pack and coconut coir to stay green and healthy. The plants are thriving in their new environment. Each plant also comes with a cue card which has details about taking care of the plant. Definitely will buy again from Tropi Co.