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Tropico Reviews

Sur la base de 17 évaluations
Alocasia 'Red Secret' | S | Cuprea
Paola A. (St. Catharines, ON, CA)

I’m so in love with my Red Secret beauty! The customer service was great too!

Searching for one year!

Yes it’s true. Been on the hunt for this plant for about a year. A google search brought me to Tropico and I’ll never look back. Beautiful colour, foliage and HEALTHY!

Pothos 'Golden'
Asma H. (Scarborough, ON, CA)

Pothos 'Golden'

Low-Light Bundle | 6 Pack | Growers Choice
Anita v.d.R. (Sutton, QC, CA)
I'm a very happy camper!!

First time ordering plants online, and I couldn't be happier! My plants arrived in perfect condition, beautifully packed , and now two weeks later, they are as beautiful as the day they arrived! I am so grateful to have found this online plant site...I am definitely going to be ordering more!! Thank you Tropico!!

Love Indoor Planter
Customer (Amos, QC, CA)
Très beau produit

Super de beau produits avec un très bon service!!!

Gold Favours Succulent Collection | XS | 2.5 Inch

New plant owner - excited to purchase more

First time plant owner and I can’t thank this company enough. They make this look easy. Shipping was quick. The plants arrived packages so nicely. Instructions for each plant. I am excited to purchase more!!

Alocasia Low Rider | M | Dwarf Alocasia
Erinne L.V. (Mississauga, ON, CA)
Very Healthy Plants

Very healthy plants! Would buy from them again for sure!

Beautiful plant, good packaging but for cold weather I suggest to include a bigger heat bag, the Alocasia Red Mambo was so cold when take it out of the package.

Spider Plants

It was larger than I thought it would be! So healthy! I’m already thinking about what to order next.

Money tree


Musa Dwarf Banana Tree
Thomas C. (Sherbrooke, QC, CA)

Good plant. Fast delivery

Beautiful condition

All the plants received were in beautiful condition, and the packing was exceptional. Could not recommend highly enough.


Could not be happier. Great website, easy buying experience, friendly & helpful staff, and most of all, we love our new Dragon Tree !!!

Anthurium 'Flamingo Lily' | Red
Rebeca V.V. (Barrie, ON, CA)

Beyond happy with the quality of product and specially the care with their delivery packaging.
Super satisfied with TROPI•COs services! Awesome job!!

Monstera 'Split-Leaf' | Deliciosa
Michelle J. (Caledonia, ON, CA)

All the plants I ordered are stunning! They arrived fast and were well packaged! Will definitely be ordering more!

Aloe Vera | Barbadensis
Heidi B. (St. Thomas, ON, CA)
Love it

I never expected my aloe to be so big! It's beautiful! Probably my 14th plant from tropico now lol. Love every single one of them!

Thank you for the wonderful feedback! We're glad to be part of your plant collection.

Syngonium Purple 'Arrowhead Plant'
Dhelal (Nepean, ON, CA)
Cold Damage

Although I was very excited to receive this plant, when it arrived many of the leaves were damaged from the cold, even with the heatpack that was included in the box! After about an hour of bringing it inside, 1/4 of the leaves were like cooked spinach and another 1/4 were hard and crispy. I've cut off all the damaged leaves and placed the plant by my grow lamp. It had a ton of leaves to begin with so even with just half its still quite beautiful. I am really hoping it will recover with a little tlc. The other plant that arrived in the same box (alocasia) is doing just fine so it may just be that the arrowhead is less resistant to cold.

Thank you for your feedback.
If you haven't had a chance yet, please email us photos of your Syngonium to and we would be happy to assist you. Thank you for your support!

Alocasia 'African Mask, Polly' | Amazonica
Mélanie P. (Russell, ON, CA)
Alocasia Polly

J'ai reçu mon colis en super bon état, c'était la 2e fois que je commandais et tout est parfait ! Le heat pack était encore chaud! Je recommande cette boutique car avec une expérience dans une autre compagnie un peu désastreuse, je reviens à Tropico pour la vie!

Merci pour vos commentaires et votre soutien ! Je suis heureux d'apprendre que vous aimez les nouvelles plantes que vous avez reçues.

Thank you for your wonderful feedback and support! Glad to hear you are loving your new plant arrivals.

Pet Friendly Bundle | 6 Pack | Growers Choice
Rejane L. (Longueuil, QC, CA)
Great bundle!

I love the plants I received! I was missing one care card, but nothing a little internet research didn't fix. One of my plant had suffered a bit and arrived with quite a few browned leaves as well as torn ones, but I'm sure time and care will fix it.

Thank you for your support! If you would like to let us know or send a photo to we would be happy to send a pdf copy of your care information. All card info can also be found in our plant care section at

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Monstera 'Split-Leaf' | Deliciosa
TG (Burlington, ON, CA)
Beautiful Plant

Arrived on time with no issues or damage & exactly like the picture, so happy! Thank you

Glad to hear you are loving your new plant addition. Thank you for your support!

Fern 'Fluffy Ruffle' | Nephrolepis exaltata
Jessica L.L. (Greater Sudbury, ON, CA)

I ordered 2 ferns. They arrived in the middle of a snowstorm. They were packaged with a heat pack and evidently care and thought was taken in the packing. One had fallen out of the pot upon arrival but remained healthy and happy even a week after !
The company has been prompt and great with communications !


The plants came packaged nicely but unfortunately they where all soaked. But most survived and are Beautiful and the other ones got replaced with out hassle. Definitely will order more in future

Mass Cane 'Corn Plant' 3-Stem | XL | 10 Inch | Local Delivery Only


My fern arrived quickly and very well packaged to keep it protected and warm despite it being January. The fern is beautiful and healthy and a perfect addition to my home. I will definitely order from here again.