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Tropico Reviews

Sur la base de 17 évaluations
Monstera 'Swiss Cheese Plant' | Adansonii
Conesita A. (Montreal, QC, CA)

Monstera 'Usine de fromage suisse' | Adansonii

Bromeliad Guzmania | S | 4 Inch
PAULO C.Q. (Mercier, QC, CA)
Amazing variety and quality

20 days after and my bromelia still looks as healthy and with bright colors as the day it arrived! Very happy.


Exactly what I wanted. The pots are beautiful and the perfect size for that I wanted. This is my second purchase from this company and likely not my last. Thank you

Dracaena Warneckii Lemon
Emilie H. (Montreal, QC, CA)
My first time

The plant I ordered came in very quickly!
It was a beautiful dracaena it came it looked healthy. The soil was still humide that little piece they put on top of the soil is really good! I have as a gift to my mother and she loves it!!!

Just as pictured

I am really please with my purchase of the philodendron punctata. The leaves were big and healthy and the plant shipped well, although the packing could have been better. The plant had come loose in the box so some more “fluff” would have been good; but thankfully no damage done. Really happy!

Plante araignée

I purchased this plant for a friend. It arrived in good condition and is a great addition to her home! Thank you! I would purchase plants from here again!

Calathea Peacock | Makoyana
isabelle d. (Frankfurt am Main, HE, DE)
Everything is perfect

Great service and wonderfull plant

Snake Plant 'Mother-in-Law's Tongue' | Sansevieria

Beautiful and so healthy

Very beautiful plant and extremely healthy. Doubled in size within 2 weeks.

Philodendron 'Variegated White' | Punctata
Audrey R. (Montreal, QC, CA)

This plant is beautiful and perfect

really nice bundle

fast delivery, excellent plants, really happy

Very impressed!

The spider plant arrived in perfect shape! Not only that, it was very healthy and full. I decided to separate it in 2 and 20 days later, both are doing very well. One even has plantlets! I highly recommend Tropi Co!!!

Red 'Prayer Plant' | Maranta
Andrew W. (Alliston, ON, CA)

It was shipped and arrived fast and it was very well packaged. And it's doing great in my home. I will definitely be purchasing more from Tropi-Co

Jade Coral 'Gollum' | Crassula Ovata
Donna B. (Windsor, ON, CA)
Excellent plants

I would order again

Calathea 'Pin-Stripe' | Beauty Star
B. F. (Toronto, ON, CA)
The Beauty Star is a true beauty

Hands down, this is by far, my most favorite Calathea, as this plant lives up to its name! Thank you Tropico for this beauty of a plant - I can tell it was grown with love!

Bromeliad Neoregelia | Pink, Green & Yellow
Marilyn S. (Pembroke, ON, CA)
More Winners

Great plants. Excellent service would highly recommend

Dieffenbachia Camille 'Dumb Cane'
E B. (Englehart, ON, CA)
Great service, excellent plants!

Ordered 3 plants, all arrived in great shape! Thank you!

Fern 'Fluffy Ruffle' | Nephrolepis exaltata
PAULO C.Q. (Montreal, QC, CA)
Beautiful and healthy!

It has passed a month already and looks strong and very helthy good looking plant this fern is very unique and beautiful

Snake Plant 'Dwarf Starfish' | Sansevieria Dwarf Boncel

Philodendron 'Variegated White' | Punctata
Julie P. (Lavaltrie, QC, CA)

Variegated white is so beautiful, and by far tropi co is my favorite online plant store

Aglaonema 'Chinese Evergreen' | Maria Christina
Elizabeth M. (Winnipeg, MB, CA)
Beautiful plants

It was lush and full, and it continues to thrive!

Snake Plant 'Starfish' | Sansevieria Boncel
Victoria G. (Strathmore, AB, CA)
Great quality!

This starfish came perfectly packed and in fantastic condition!!

Schefflera 'Dwarf Umbrella Plant'
Martyne A. (Saint-Jerome, QC, CA)
1er achat et pas le dernier

Bon prix, rapide , très bien emballé et surtout belles plantes

Pet Friendly Bundle | 6 Pack | Growers Choice
Natalia P.W. (Toronto, ON, CA)
Pet friendly bundle

I got my plants in really good condition. I really love the banana dwarf plant, but they are all great!

Alocasia 'Dragon Scale' | M | Baginda
Sarah B. (Toronto, ON, CA)

Alocasia 'Dragon Scale' | M | Baginda